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From Hungary: The Yellowjackets perform Spirit of the West at the Palace of Arts in Budapest, 2012. Featuring Russell Ferrante (keyboards), Bob Mintzer (sax), William Kennedy (drums) and Felix Pastorius (bass).

October 4, 2014

From Poland: The YellowJackets perform Song for Miles Davis in 1994, featuring Russell Ferrante (keyboards), Bob Mintzer (EWI), Jimmy Haslip (bass), and Will Kennedy (drums).

September 6, 2012

From Italy: YellowJackets perform Why is It in Torino on 4/27/2012 – Russell Ferrante (keyboards), Will Kennedy (drums), Felix Pastorius (bass) and Bob Franceschini (sax)

May 24, 2012

From Italy: The Yellowjackets perform The Evening News on their 25th Anniversary tour, 2006. Bob Mintzer (sax), Russell Ferrante (keys), Jimmy Haslip (bass) and Marcus Baylor (drums).

January 18, 2011

From Switzerland: Will Lee & Friends – Recovery Road – featuring Robben Ford, Alex Acuña, Russell Ferrante, Bob Malach & Koono Schmidt in the Swiss TV program “Jazz-In”

November 19, 2010