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From Germany: Jeff Lorber performs Chinese Medicinal Herbs at Proberaum Zülpich, 2013, featuring Lorber (keyboards), Eric Mareinthal (soprano sax), Nate Phillips (bass) and Sonny Emory, (drums).

September 23, 2016

From the U.S.: Troy Roberts’ Nu-Jive 5 performs One Day Wonder in New York, June 26, 2013. Featuring Roberts (composer, tenor sax), Silvano Monasterios (keyboards), Eric England (bass), Sam Petitti (guitar) and David Chiverton (drums).

July 26, 2016

From Russia: Linley Marthe (bass) performs an entire concert at Alexey Kozlov Club, with Gurgen Janguiryan (guitar), Ignat Kravtsov (drums), Nata Melody (vocals) and Valeriy Stepanov (keyboards) on September 9, 2013.

March 1, 2016

From Canada: Eliana Cuevas performs Llegó from her Espejo CD in 2013. Featuring Eliana Cuevas (vocals), Jeremy Ledbetter (piano), Ross MacIntyre (bass), Mark Kelso (drums), Alexis Baró (trumpet), Paul Metcalfe (soprano sax) and Chris Butcher (trombone).

May 20, 2015

From Austria: A double shot of Marcus Miller, first performing I’ll Be There on solo Fender bass, then Come Together at Jazz à Vienne, 2013. Features Marcus Miller (bass) Keziah Jones (guitar) Otto Williams (bass) Alex Han (sax) Sean Jones (trumpet) Adam Agati (guitar) Brett Williams (keys) and Louis Cato (drums).

January 13, 2015

From Austria: The Zawinul Legacy Band, featuring Scott Kinsey (keyboards), Katisse Buckingham (soprano sax), Hadrien Feraud (bass), Mike Baker (drums), Bobby Thomas, Jr. (percussion) perform Port of Entry. Porgy & Bess Jazz and Music Club, October 13, 2013.

November 9, 2013

From the U.S.: Eldar Djangirov performs Point of View Redux from the Breakthrough album, with Armando Gola (bass) and Ludwig Afonso (drums).

April 24, 2013

From the U.S.: Bela Fleck and the Original Flecktones are currently touring in support of their most recent album, Rocket Science. Pianist/harmonica player Howard Levy returned to the group for the first time since 1991 for the album and tour, which also includes bassist Victor Wooten, percussionist/drummer Roy “Futureman” Wooten and banjoist and leader Bela Fleck. The band made a stop in San Diego last week, performing at the Anthology. Here’s 11 awesome minutes of that concert.

March 22, 2013