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From the U.S.: A Non-Musical post – Some information and personal thoughts regarding the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.

Here is a bitter taste of the truth that every American should
know: Occupy Wall Street isn’t just about the bankers, oil
tycoons and hedge fund managers whose greed has caused
the collapse of our economy, environmental destruction and
the worst political crisis of confidence in our history.

The following is provided by Bravenewfoundation:

It’s time to call out the corporate war profiteers. Americans are
in the streets protesting the attack on our democracy by the
wealthiest 1% – but there’s a richer, even more corrupt group
within the 1% that is choking off our politics and our economy –
are at the head of the pack. In 2010, Boeing CEO, James McNerney
made $19.4 million. Lockheed Martin CEO, Martin Stevens, made
$21.89 million and Northrup Grumman CEO, Wes Bush, made $22.84
million. These war industry CEO’s are in the top 0.01% and they are
using their massive lobbying budgets to corrupt congress and keep
their gravy train rolling.

BOEING: $17.98 million
LOCKHEED MARTIN: $12.7 million
NORTHRUP GRUMMAN: $15.7 million

These corporations benefit when wars drag on for decades as
the rest of us pay the price. While America is dragged down by
record debt and unemployment, taxpayer funded contracts are
providing the primary source of revenues for these arms manufacturers.
They have been buying our elected officials out from under us with our
own money… Thanks to their lobbying, we’ve spent huge amounts on
weapons and mayhem instead of roads, schools and other projects
that could put Americans back to work. Who are the 0.01%? They’re
the people making a killing off doing the killing.

Personal thoughts:

Meanwhile, our government continues to fail us in every possible
way. Both democratic and republican administrations are guilty of
greed, corruption and ‘capitalism’ run amok.  It is a circus – no wonder
we are imploding, and now the E.U. as well.  No-bid contracts, non-
sense subsidies, sneaky earmarks, ‘mortgage backed securities’ and 
other abusive ‘derivative’ scams, widespread unchecked naked
short selling, ‘too big to fail’ bailouts for the actual culprits, crippling
environmental destruction due to easing of regulation, tax incentives
for offshore outsourcing, over-syndication of media, healthcare and
insurance fraud due to poor legislation and lack of oversight, unlimited
campaign funds from corporations, government construction funding on a
fraudulent ‘time and materials’ basis, warrantless wiretapping, and on
and on.

Under the leadership of our politicians, corporate executives and other
power brokers, America has become a morally bankrupt society. There will
be a price to pay by all 100% of us if we give in by joining the forces that
perpetrate this or even passively stand by and allow it to continue. The
aforementioned examples are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the kind
of fallout we can expect to continue unless immediate reforms are demanded
on a massive scale.

OWS is taking shape as a national, and even global movement that could
become strong enough to bring us to the tipping point; however, if drugs,
unruliness, bad hygiene and lack of clarity cloud the movement, law
enforcement and media spinners will have the necessary ammunition to
squeeze the life out of it, bringing us right back to where we started.

Of course, nothing would make the current profiteers happier than to see
the movement self-destruct, so protesters must remain diligent, disciplined,
precise and persistent in order to gain traction and keep up the momentum.
No matter what your religion, there is something to be said for doing unto
others as you would have them do unto you. This golden rule should compel
Americans to rise up and demand leaders to be accountable for their actions,
insist on clear, systemic reforms and seek justice for all.

One Response to “From the U.S.: A Non-Musical post – Some information and personal thoughts regarding the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.”

  1. Preach it, brother!

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